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Orlando, Florida has excellent deals on brand new homes, in ideal neighborhoods for first time home buyers. The distressed property market caused an in flux of inventory that will take years to absorb. How does this impact you as the first time home buyer? Purchasing a home below market value will put you in a high equity position as the real estate market rally’s back.

The first time home buyer tax credit was an excellent incentive and stimulated sales, however it’s hard to say if the government will ever re-institute the program. There are still first time home buyer programs available to assist with financing and your down payment. Credit plays huge role with purchasing a home, the better your credit, the lower your interest rate. As a first time home buyer expert, I provide resources to help clean up, repair and improve negative credit.

Two great tools to help you with your home search are the (1) First Time Home Buyer Guide which answers many questions typically asked about buying your first home. (2) The First Time Home Buyer Alert which provides automated updates of properties that match your personal criteria with location, size, price range and any other personal preferences you may have with buying your first home.

It really is a great time to buy Orlando real estate or property any where in Florida. Prices are still at an all time low, interest rates are low, although there is movement upwards and qualifying guidelines have eased up. Take advantage of the buyers market with Florida real estate, it won’t last for ever.

GMa Mary and I decided to walk in in the Village today and came upon the Art Festival in Cocoa Village Florida. The art fair featured arts and crafts from various artists and crafters who come from various Florida locations. These talented folks travel Florida art shows that take place throughout the sunshine state. An art fair– always fun to stroll on Saturday and Sundays.

Click link below and preview all the videos:

Crushable Seagrass Hats ~ really work, wind blew like crazy on the walk home. Hat stayed in place.

Joie’s Bird Feeders & Butterfly bathes

Sam’s Chain Saw Art

Ocean Designs ~ local Viera artist

Unique Bags By the Hands

Hey Mon Caribbean Cooking Sauce

Soy Flake Scents

Gems & Jewels by Infinite Creations

Lazy Susans and Cutting Boards

Orchid Nanny

Acrylic Table Top Art

Please reply and let us know about Florida Art Shows taking place in your community!!

The Beauty of Florida

Michael McClure captures the beauty of Florida through his lens . . . breath taking moments that last lifetime!  Beaches in Florida while the sun sets at cocktail time, just spectacular!!

Loving Life in Florida, it’s no mystery why.

If you had with brutal cold winters, Florida has sunshine, warmth and NO SNOW!

With countless short sales and foreclosures infiltrating the market, it’s a daunting task to search for real estate investments. Many variables come into play with real estate investing, however rate of return is always a factor.

Real estate investments are plentiful, but sifting through properties is a major under taking. Automation now makes it easy in many markets to receive automated updates on properties that match your criteria to purchase. When you receive MLS property alerts those properties were matched to your requirements which can include; location, size, price range and other preferences. Alerts can be set fo9r just foreclosures and short sales. If you investing in real estate, more than likely, you are in the position to wait out the tedious process of lender approvals.

An investment property bought in this quirky real estate market is way below market value in a stable real estate market. Holding on to investments in real estate for the next five to eight years could very easily bring in a decent profit for real estate investors.

If you’re in search of great deals on real estate investments, the MLS property alert is sure to save you time and
money.  Click here to learn more

One of the great places to stay in Florida

Eat, Pray, Love Florida

What to see, where to eat, what to do and where to stay.
I’m a champion for all things Florida and welcome being your guide to the wonder of the sun shine state …

Share some place you love to eat, play, stay in Florida!

Florida Weather in Feburary

While most of the country suffers with single digit temps, Floridians enjoy the warmth of the midday sun– that’s our weather in February. Florida life allows us to be out doors having barbecues on the patio, taking walks on the beach and boating on the rivers and seas.

If you have had it with cold, snowy, icy winters — Click here if your ready to explore being a Florida Snowbird or here if your Contemplating Loving Florida in Life full-time.

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The home buying process can be quite complex, even for those who have been through it a few times. For the first time home buyer, the process can seem impossible.

For people willing to do a bit of homework, the foreclosure market offers the best opportunities available in real estate today. Real estate and financial experts point toward significant growth in available foreclosure properties, so there’s never been a better time to line up your resources and educate yourself about buying in a distressed market. It’s not unusual to save from 20 to 50 percent of the market value on a foreclosure property, and certain bank owned foreclosures offer savings of 60 percent or more! You simply have to save for a down payment, get qualified for financing and research properties available in a price range you can afford. A Realtor can set you up with automatic property updates that match your preferences of location, size and price range.

Need help to begin the research with buying your first home? Request the Questions and Answers Guide which will give you the necessary information to navigate the entire process – from deciding whether you’re ready to buy, all the way to that final proud step, getting the keys to your new home.

Two Resources First Time Home Buyers:
1. Questions Answered Guide for First Time Home Buyers

2. First Time Home Buyers Property Alerts